• Modular Belt Conveyor

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    Modular Belt Conveyors are composed of plastic chains made of Polypropelene, Poly ethylene and Poly acetal. These conveyors are designed to suit a variety of applications replacing the conventional belt conveyors due to their high durability, high load bearing nature, low vibration movement and low surface friction.  


    • - Modular construction  - Easy replacement of belt links in case of any damage
    • - Minimal Maintenance in comparison to conventional conveyors
    • - No tracking issue what so ever due to the sprocket driven design 
    • - Available in SS-304 Construction as well as MS Powder Coated construction
    • - VFD (inverter) controlled – Variable speed control


    • - Food Processing & Packing Lines - compatible with USFDA & HACCP standards
    • - In Beverages Lines as accumulation conveyors for a variety of beverage bottles
    • - In End of Line Packaging Systems for product transfer, sorting systems etc.


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